Data driven money management

finker’s data - driven money management (DMM) approach leverages the client relationship model in a way that builds more trusted relationships that lead to increase in revenue. Interactions with customers increase because are more frequent and relevant to the client. They take place in terms of meaningful conversations based on smart use of financial transaction data.

finker users

  • 89%
    Spend double time on eBanking
  • 58%
    Generate revenue 5.5x faster
  • 64%
    Open 4x more to financial products
  • 99%
    99% retention rate

Your PSD2 partner

Join banks & companies in licensing our tech and capitalise on the opportunity of open banking. We help firms to understand how the new directive (PSD2) impacts them in their corporate strategy and provide the technology tools to assist their digital transformation.

finker PSD2 API HUB

Enable your applications to connect to bank accounts and initiate payments employing top-level sophisticated security mechanisms.


Use machine learning driven services to add context and insight to financial data. Personalise your services and change the way you're engaging with your clients. Give the consumer a reason to engage daily instead of weekly and make her digital experience better overall.


Utilise our PSD2 services to speed up and simplify onboarding to your services and reduce costs in other channels.

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