finker is a plug and play financial services platform; that is, connects multiple financial products together in one place. We want to give people the experience of using one app that could leverage all of the companies in the financial space; be able to link your bank accounts, credit cards, rewards schemes, savings, investments, insurance, currency exchange services and digital mortgage brokers into one app.

If you use online banking or other financial services online then finker is the right choice for you. Designed to be friendly for everyone, from the financial inexperienced to people who are confident with their money.

To view your bank and credit card balances on finker you will need to log into your accounts. You will need your username and password for this service. Once you select your account, there are two ways to link your bank and credit card accounts to finker: ‘automatic’ and ‘manual’. Linking manually means you will need to enter your username and password to each account every time you want to refresh your balance.

finker uses API (application programming interface) technology to create the experience of a centralized hub. APIs allow for the safe and secure passing of data between two systems. Where not applicable "direct access" is used for the automation of user internet browsing interaction with online banking.

finker provides information and insights about the retail activity of the businesses you transact with. If you select a product or service based on our feedback, finker may receive a fee from the product provider.

No, we address privacy with total anonymity. Instead of targeting ads based on user behavior we provide you with information about the businesses you transact with. This way you reach them instead of them reaching you.

This is called contextual advertising as opposed to behavioral advertising that relies on individual users' personal data.

finker embraces GDPR through total anonymity by design; a technological veto of data collection connected to your identity. Recital 26 of the GDPR defines anonymized data as “data rendered anonymous in such a way that the data subject is not or no longer identifiable.” finker processes and stores data that is stripped of any identifiable information (hence not personal), making it impossible to derive insights on a discreet individual.

If you are having some issues with your account you can either use the in-app feedback button and we will deal with your feedback as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can email to support@finker.co

No worries, just click ‘forgotten your password’ or ‘reset password’ at the login screen or at the "Settings" section respectfully.

It's a matter of time. We are adding new services all the time and it takes some time to make them available to everyone. Let us know what service you are interested in and help us prioritize according to your needs.

No problem, although anonymous, you have the right to be forgotten. Just click the "Delete account" from the "Settings" section within the app.